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It's all about the Qi

Qi is energy. It is the universal energy found in all things. The Qi will take on a certain quality once it takes a form. This quality is measured in the balance of the Yin and Yang energy held within the form. In our bodies, our health is measured by how the Qi is flowing. The quality, quantity and balance of the Yin and Yang energies between the organs, blood and blood vessels, body fluids, lymphatic system, nerves, bones, muscles and tendons.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is entirely based on the principles of returning the Qi back to balance. Once this is accomplished health is restored.

It is my intention with every treatment to focus on what  can be done to help facilitate that return of the body's balance, as much as possible, back to the true nature.

This is a healing journey and commitment made between you and your body. It is a sacred journey in which you can reap the greatest reward possible in this life, regaining your sacred birthright of living to your fullest potential possible.

May the journey begin and happy travels.



Covid-19 guidelines

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Your safety and well being is primary!