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Soaring Crane Newsletter

The "New Normal"

In watching the continual rate of infections and the spread of Covid-19 still not under control, we are requesting the following precautions be followed when coming to the office to be able to minimize risk of exposure and infection and keep the office as safe as possible

  • Please shower and wear clean clothes for your appointment and make coming to your appointment your first stop.  We ask that you run any errands after your appointment.
  • AT the time of your first visit to the office we ask that you sign a Covid-19 risk waiver and answer a few ‘pre-check’ questions at the time of each subsequent appointments.

    We realize that there are many reasons for these symptoms to be present and that many people may have had some of these long before the pandemic. Since we are trying to assess whether you are presenting with Covid-19 symptoms before your appointment we will be happy to re-schedule your appointment if you are experiencing any of these symptoms that have developed recently or are unusual.

  • Do you have a fever?

    (We have a forehead thermometer available if you are not sure.)

  • Do you have a cough?

  • Do you have SOB?

  • If you have come into contact with anyone who is sick or you are experiencing any symptoms, please cancel your appointment. We will be waiving all late cancellations fees for appointments canceled due to any suspected exposure or sickness.  This includes any symptoms of cold/flu, they do not have to coincide with the COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Please wear a mask when coming into the office.  We have extra cloth/washable masks with filters to be used if you forget or don’t have one yet.
  • At this time, we are asking all parents with young children to arrange your appointments w/out bringing your precious ‘babies’ with you. We can make arrangements to meet you in your car or remotely for treatments if you have no other options for care.
  • Please open the front door with your body and wash your hands immediately upon entering the office.  The bathroom will be sanitized after each use. There will be a sign on the bathroom door to indicate whether it has been done or not. We ask that you not use it if it has not been sanitized but if you cannot wait for any reason, please use the spray sanitizer available on all surfaces you will be touching.
  • Please provide your own hand sanitizer. We still have some but as you know, supplies are limited and we don’t know how much we can remain to have on hand. We will have sanitizer available as long as supplies last.
  • We will have a ‘sneeze guard’ at the front desk. We will be providing pens for you to use and then keep after use for as long as supplies last. If you can use your own pen that will be best.
  • I will continue to use table paper, even with the Jade Mat. We will not be using blankets. If you would like to bring your own blanket that would be great. It must be clean and kept in a bag before and after use.

Even though these necessary precautions will change the experience of coming to our office, we will strive, as always, to provide you with the relaxing, comfortable and healing experience you have come to know at Blue Heron Wellness Center. It has always been my mission and will remain so, in spite of these necessary precautions.  Thank you immensely for your patience and understanding in following these protocols. Your safety and health are paramount in these decisions.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”                                               ~Plato

Covid-19 guidelines

Thank you for your co-operation in following these guidelines when coming into our office. Please see a copy of these guidelines in our current Newsletter!

Your safety and well being is primary!