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Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient art form from Mainland China. It has been used throughout the centuries for self-healing and the healing of others. Today millions of Chinese people practice some form of Qi Gong on a daily basis.

Qi Gong is a self-healing therapy to regulate your internal energy, the mind, breath and body, on a daily basis. Consistent daily practice can have a strong balancing effect on the mind-body connection by learning to move the energy within to regulate and smooth the flow of 'Qi' to alleviate pain and disease. Qi Gong Theory is being introduced into Major Medical Schools, as well as many healing centers, cancer treatment centers, clinics and hospitals across the country.

Qi is the essence of life according to Chinese philosophy. It is the vital force within every living thing. It takes on a certain quality depending on the purpose it is to serve. The 'Qi' of a rose for example is very different than the 'Qi' of a cactus. Neither is better than the other. They both have a different purpose for existence. Therefore Qi takes on a certain quality.

It can be either yin or yang. Yin is the cool, moist, nourishing, dark and feminine in nature. Yang is the warm, dry, stimulating, bright and masculine in nature. The Qi is sensitive, synchronistic, transmissible among many other qualities. It is a powerful agent for change and healing when applied appropriately to a certain condition.

Why should I practice Qi Gong? 

The cross linking of body tissues is a major cause of aging. It occurs when large molecules in our bodies build undesirable chemicals that bridge across one another causing damage. When we let Qi flow harmoniously in our bodies during Qi Gong practice our stream of energy will smooth out the initial bonds, thus preventing the undesirable bridges from developing.

Join millions of people worldwide who, with regular daily practice, have found
Qi Gong to be very effective in diminishing or even eliminating diseases, improving health, balancing emotions and refining the spirit.
It's easy to learn.
There are written and oral learning aides
No special clothes or equipment needed to practice
Practice anywhere/anytime
Most important; You may be able to HEAL yourself and increase your life vitality!!!

For current classes and different forms taught.  DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS THERE ARE NO CURRENT CLASSES BEING TAUGHT AT THIS TIME  Learn more>

For a more detailed history of Qi Gong click here.

There is one common flow, one common breathing. All things are in sympathy.  _Hippocrates

As I close my eyes to meditate...
Vibrant qi from within radiates.
Tingling feelings of joy arise
Like crawling insects in gentle surprise.
This sensation permeates into every cell.
From the center the void begins to swell.
Forgetting myself and becoming formless,
My mind and cosmos dissolve into nothingness.

The Cosmos is the body of qi. Qi has the properties of yin and yang. When qi spreads out it permeates all things, when it coalesces it becomes nebulous. When this settles into form it becomes matter, when it disintegrates it returns to its original state.

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