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      Regular and consistent treatment is crucial for you to experience results     from your visits. Although we cannot predict the exact number of treatments you will need, we can give you a general idea at the time of your first visit. We are open Wednesday through Friday with the first appointment at 11:00am and the last appointment at 5:30pm.                                                                                             Due to our very full schedule, appointments need to be made by calling our office during our business hours. Our office manager, Sheri, will be happy assist you in making an appointment.                                                                                         If you'd like to discuss your concerns with Kathryn please let us know via e-mail or phone call; 360 417-8806. She will be happy to assist.                     Kathryn is available to returns calls on Mondays and Tuesdays.                                       Thank you for contacting Blue Heron Wellness Center

  Becoming and being are the yin and yang of our lives. One inner,
one outer.
Today, we value becoming to the exclusion of being:
The secret is balance.   -Unknown


The Blue Heron Wellness Center appreciates and understands the high cost of health care. We are committed to making alternative health care as affordable as possible. However, in order to keep our prices within an affordable range we request all payments be made at the time of your visit. If you wish to self-bill your insurance, you will receive the necessary forms at the time of your visit. We offer 'family plans' and a special plan for children only.

Covid-19 guidelines

Thank you for your co-operation in following these guidelines when coming into our office. Please see a copy of these guidelines in our current Newsletter!

Your safety and well being is primary!